Facial Therapy

Facial Therapy

Stress, alcohol, fatigue, sun exposure, poor diet, pollution and exposure to wind can cause dry skin. Other times this is a natural result of aging. Getting a facial can help moisturize and protect your skin. During facials we:
  • Thoroughly cleanse your face
  • Exfoliate
  • Use steam extraction to pull toxins to the surface
  • Apply a customized treatment mask
  • Give a neck massage
  • Apply eye cream
  • Moisturize your skin
All of our facials include cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation of dead cells and limited pore extractions. Our therapist will select the products to best care for your skin types. Talk to us to learn more about facial therapy in High Point, NC.
Facial therapy


(allow 1 hr.) 

Through increasing the circulation to the skin and flushing out toxins, special massaging techniques help firm and tone the skin. Protecting against free-radical damage, SkinCeuticals help to synthesize collagens. A moisturizing therapy for the hands is also provided to prevent signs of aging and a loss of elasticity.  


(allow 1 hr. 30 min.) 

After the distress facial, you will be ready to take on the world again. A custom fit mask will help to restore the radiance depleted by stress. Fall into bliss as tension floats away during your extended face, neck and shoulder massage. Your hands and feet also receive special attention during this therapy.


(allow 30 min.) 

If you use glycolic acid products, this product will aid in the removal of dead skin cells. It also deep cleanses, unclogs pores, helps sun damage and treats acne-prone skin. 

Series of 6 prepaid sessions: $225.


(allow 1 hr.) 

If your skin has become dull or lacks luster, the Skinceuticals exfoliating treatment can provide a perfect therapy. Dead skin cells are whisked away and healthy cells are revealed. When depleted by the environment there’s nothing like a soothing, hydrating masque to maintain your skin’s natural moisture. Purchase the SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Masque with this facial at 15%.


(allow 1 hr. 15 min.)

If you’re on a glycolic regimen, this treatment will combine a lavish cleansing facial to reveal softer, smoother and brighter complexion.


(allow 1 hr.) 

Treat oily shine, open blocked pores, uncover layers of younger, smoother skin with our visible difference facial. Targeted exfoliation enzyme peel produces a visible and lasting effect for all types of skin.


(allow 1 hr.) 

If your skin is prone to redness and rosacea, this calm and cool facial will hydrate without oiliness and the antibacterial/antiseptic properties will help heal, calm and soothe acne/rosacea or sensitive skin.


(allow 45 min.) 

This treatment helps teenagers (aged 11-17) to control the over production of the sebaceous glands. Proper skin care habits are recommended and various techniques offered.


(allow 1 hr.) 

This relaxing massage technique is perfect for backs with our without acne. The treatment provides cleansing and exfoliation to reveal smooth and replenished skin.


(allow 1 hr.) 

Suitable for all skin types, this form of facial uses both manual and mechanical techniques to provide a glowing and healthy complexion.


(allow 1 hr.) 

With our Alpha/Beta facial you can expect to restore your skin’s natural luminosity. This will help to improve all skin types. *** A two-week home practice is recommended before treatment to acquaint skin the glycolic products.


  • Paraffin for Hands with facial - $16  
  • Paraffin for Feet with facial - $16 
  • Paraffin for hands and feet with facial - $28  
  • Eye Therapy - $20 
  • Brow, lip, or face waxing - (see Services page) 
  • Tinting services - (see Services page)


(allow 45 min.) 

Many people report that they not only look better after a facial, but also feel refreshed, energized and more confident. Call us today to schedule your appointment. For the treatment of age spots, fine lines and to reduce scars, microdermabrasion is an aggressive peel that works. A “blast” of crystals is given to the skin in a safe and non-surgical approach. Flaking skin cells are removed to yield fresh young skin cells and collagen. 

Series of 6 treatments is recommended at 7-14 day intervals: $435. Maintenance Treatment (available after a series) $75.

ALPHA BETA FACIAL (allow 45 min.) $95
EXPRESS ALPHA BETA PEEL (allow 30 min) $70

Don’t let your skin lose its vitality. Fight fatigue, season change, stress and other factors by creating a brighter, luminous, and youthful complexion in weeks. Additionally, you can find a home care maintenance kit to help you achieve maximum results. 
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